We construct and produce injection molds for parts with lighting technology and highly-decorative characteristics. Molds for technical parts with high requirements regarding accuracy and dimensional stability also belong to our portfolio. The articles are used in the automotive, house hold appliances, electronic and sanitary area.

Our portfolio includes molds for the serial production of light guides, lenses, reflectors, bezels, covers, carrier frames, edge lights, housings and much more. Those parts can be designed and produced in 1-component, 2-component and also 3-component technology.

light guides & edge lights

Lichtleiter 1
Lichtleiter 2
Edge Lights 1
Edge Lights 2



Reflektoren 1
Reflektoren 2

bezels & covers

Blenden 1
Blenden 2
Abdeckungen 1
Abdeckungen 2

carrier & frames

Tragrahmen 1
Tragrahmen 2
Gehäuse 1
Gehäuse 2