Milling is one of the most important production processes in our house. Here different machines are used.

„Our universal milling machines are able to cut high volumes, to produce drill holes and threads but also free form surfaces with a high surface quality.“

Durch die Verwendung eines speziellen Spannsystems und der 5-achsigen Bewegungsmöglichkeit des Werkstücks können wir sehr konturnahe und damit effiziente Temperiermöglichkeiten realisieren. Dies gewährleistet eine hohe Prozesssicherheit bei kurzen Zykluszeiten des Werkzeugs im Serieneinsatz.

Fräsen 1
Fräsen 2
Machining area (travels)1600810630
Size of work piece (max.)1750800

Sink Eroding/EDM

Sink Eroding/EDM

Eroding with graphit electrodes is a very save production process. Even deep contours in hard work- pieces can be manufactured in a very detailed way.

We also produce decorative surfaces according to VDI 3400. The electrodes required for that are milled with our graphit milling machines.

Besides graphit we also use copper as a material for electrodes. If sharp edged contours and high requirements regarding surface quality are needed, eroding using copper electrodes is the right choice.

Gloss eroding is a special performance of our company. Using this process there are not only the general advantages of sink eroding, but also high surface qualities can be reached (Ra = 0,4 µm) with special machines and processes.

Senkerodieren 1
Senkerodieren 2
Sink Eroding/EDMxyz
Machining area (travels)800500450
Size of work piece (max.)15001000

Wire cutting

Wire cutting

Wire eroding or wire cutting offers the opportunity to produce any shapes of holes and contours even with hardened steel.

This technology is used for example in the production of block ejectors which adapt the contours of the articles.

Also complex geometries of guide elements can be reliably and precisely produced using wire cutting.

Prismatic optics, often used in light guides, can be produced with very sharp edges (R 0.05 mm) in an inexpensive way.

Drahterodieren 1
Drahterodieren 2
Wire cuttingxyz
Machining area (travels)800500420
Size of work piece (max.)15001000

Visual Deep hole drilling

Deep hole drilling

With our deep hole drilling and milling machinery we are able to produce precise holes fast.

Besides the all side milling we can produce holes for the tempering channels of a mold up to 1000 mm in one step.

By using a special clamping system and the 5-axis movement of the work piece we can realize close contour and this efficient tempering options. This ensures a high process reliability with short cycle times in the serial production.

Tieflochbohren 1
Tieflochbohren 2
Deep hole drillingxyz
Machining area (travels)1000 850500
(B = 360°)(A=+/-22,5°)(V=1000)
Size of work piece (max.)12001200

Construction (CAD/CAM)

Construction (CAD/CAM)

The tool design (CAD) is effected by CATIA, based on your component data and in consideration of the process capability.

Based on our experience we use proven manufacturing standards and principles.

Only after checking and approval of the tool concept the construction data is handed over to the programming (CAM).

All details like manufacturing steps and time schedules are planned under consideration of cost and quality. This is the basis of the scheduling of all manufacturing methods like drilling, milling, sink and wire eroding, grinding and final assembling.



We can also offer you highly-decorative surfaces like polishes and homogenous surfaces with eroding structure like VDI 3400.

The manufacturing of high gloss polishes is a core competence of our company. If you require the production of grained or lasered structures we have reliable cooperation partners.



We assist you during the qualification process of the tool until the readiness for start of production. Of course, tool trials and try-outs will be organized by us.

A professional documentation is a matter of course for us. If requested we also support you during the tool qualification process at your location.